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Moving Forward....esque
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Wed, Jun. 3rd, 2009 11:16 pm

Hey guys. So many of you may be wondering what is up...well.......sigh.....in a hurry so...vamoose!

for the time being, to force myself to work on other projects, I have moved to a new service.  Said service is Squarespace and it's pretty nifty.  The reasons why can all be seen there, so why not go visit it and find out for yourself!  I'll even link you to the first post I made there a while back!  Sound good? Sweet...and kaboom!

so for the time being,  visit  kikibatsu.squarespace.com to get your Nick rant action. I may decide to set it up so that both blogs import from each other...but for now...they shall remain separate....yet equal...well more separate......well..yeah

Oh...and if you want a direct link to most recent rant....
or the first chapter of my Peanut Butter News Crew Story

there you go. that should cover it. worry not, I shall still be looking at all of ye on my friends pages and all of that....and...yeah. 
now if you excuse me....giddy up!

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Sun, Apr. 19th, 2009 06:40 pm

Two Occurrences of Ocular Curiosity*

Morning folks. Today I bring you not one, but two tales that all occurred within the last 3 hours( as of the morning of April 16th).

The first is an uplifting tale of a boy (me) and a bus (not me. but a bus).  It is guaranteed to move you to....something.
The second is a ridiculous tale of a boy (me) and 50 Cent (the  hippity hop guy).  It is  guaranteed to make you think I am insane.

*Some of you may think I don’t know what ocular means. Well, I don’t think you know what your face means….so blpphttttttt!

Ride The BusCollapse )

Or Die Tryin'Collapse )Or Die Tryin'Collapse )Or Die Tryin'Collapse )



Mon, Apr. 13th, 2009 05:37 pm

Hi there! Welcome Back.  

You didn’t think I would do it on time, you? You probably thought I was going to put it off…or forget about it entirely! In fact, it’s almost like I wrote one mega entry and split it into tw…..

…Let’s get crackin’.

(the first usage of the C-bomb can be found here)

2 Classic Abuses: Conversation Clubbery Part Deuce.

The 2nd usage of the New C-bomb here, is a more recent development. I remember hearing it used in the following context my Freshman year of University.

I was walking with my roommate, Ryan, to his car (had a cravin’ for some Jack in the Box) when we both ran into the Deuce Man.

Now the Deuce Man’s real name, I cannot remember. I know that Joey, Brian, and I used to call him that because every time you waved to him he would throw up a peace sign at you.* A peace sign looks like a “Two”, thus we called him “Deuceman”.

My roommate was on speaking terms with him. I….was not. Here, literally(not kidding around) is the how the conversation went between them.

how did that conversation go? find out beeeeeeeelow. bzzzzzzzzzCollapse )


Thu, Apr. 9th, 2009 05:07 pm

Have you noticed it?

There’s a new C-Bomb floating around.

And it’s not the C-Bomb you are thinking of. It’s not even all that new..in fact I wager usage of this word is at least 90 years old. Chances are you hear it everyday…and in fact use it yourself. I know I have.  

However, enough is enough. It is time to end this. And I shall…with today’s entry on what I call the new C-Bomb.

2 Classic Abuses: Conversation Clubbery

Classic. Today’s word is classic. The New C-Bomb.

*?* Now the first time I came across this word, had to be when I was…let’s go with…five years old. That sounds good. Was most likely in my dad’s old, white, Toyota pickup truck on the way to Food Lion. The radio was on, and something started to blare over the treble-heavy speakers:

5 year old Nick: “uh…dad…unsure if you are aware of this…but a lot violins seem to be happening right now.”

Dad: “Yes son.”

5N: “…also some pianos are occurring. And….a French horn, perhaps?”

Dad: “Good call, son! Good call!”

5N: “Why…this music is most delightful….what do you call it?”

Dad: “Why, this is known as classical music and it is GOOD GRAVY LOOK AT THAT!”

what did I look at? what happened?!?! you must know! click here..now!Collapse )


Wed, Apr. 8th, 2009 06:47 pm

 So I finally got those tickets.

Yep…the tickets.

What tickets? Tickets to the Hall and Oates 2009 Tour: Milk and ‘Stache Dynasty? 
....why are they so sweaty???!?!?!?!

Nope. Something even harder to get your hands on. That’s right. Bus tickets for Golden Week

…..whoa whoa WHOA! Slow down there, partner! I can see your hand actually hovering over your mouse, preparing to start moseying over to some more important material on le’ interwebs. Well I assure you, that you can see pictures of Lindsay Lohan wrestling a Carebear at any time. The story I have to tell you, is much more important. Prepare to be edumacated. Today’s Entry is Entitled 

Balls! Tickets! Baaaaaaaaaalls! 

If you ask anyone when they should travel in this country, the one thing you will hear is, “Do NOT Travel during Golden Week” and there is a reason for this. Golden Week is the most touristy tourist mctourist time ever in Japan. And this is for Japanese people. In their own country. Imagine any stereotypical 80’s documentary you have seen on life in Tokyo. Now do the same for New York City. Imagine of those two documentaries mated and had a child. Now you have Golden Week. Expensive. Crowded. Armpits. 

more armpitty goodness after the cutCollapse )

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Mon, Apr. 6th, 2009 05:03 pm


I am rather strange and insane.

But if you know me (Nick by the way…hi!), then this is not news to you. How many sane people do you know who grill their pants? I rest my case.

Over the years, I have actually gotten less insane. Now many of you may debate this, but it is true. I have become a more sane individual. A lot of it I credit to my parents. No…not the becoming more sane (sorry pops and ma), but identifying where my insanity comes from and how to fix it.

Two short, easy, great examples. My dad in his youth used to have a seriously short temper. Would snap at the drop of a hat. You would never know this looking at him now. As I have seen the man get truly angry…oh…….three times. However, he used to be Captain McSnappySnaps according to my family.

I, too, in my youth, used to be Captain McSnappySnaps…and it wasn’t a good look. I was told that I probably got it from my dad. I asked him about it, we chatted..and I ended up using him as a model of how to control your temper. Once again, those of you who know me may debate this one (heck, apparently my name is somehow equivalent with table flipping) but it is indeed true.

My mother used to be quite, quite slack. Not when it came to working hard or doing her job. But for personal, daily life tasks that need to get done. Those would go on the backburner, while work or other people’s needs came first. She started addressing the issue seriously when I was in high school. This was when I started to exhibit those same tendencies….and I think she noticed, thus started to address the issue in herself. I’ve recently (as of last year) been trying to adjust the issue..and have been making slow but sure progress.

Fixing the insaneness that comes from your family, is easy…compared to the next task…which is what this entry is about*

*Some of you may remark, “Hey! When are you gonna fix the problem of getting straight to the point without needing a prologue?!?! To you, I ask, “Hey! When are you gonna stop slacking off and spend your time doing something more constructive than reading my en…um…nevermind. Ha ha! Thanks for reading!”

You see, every now and then, you end up mutating a character trait that seems to come out of ….no where. It didn’t come from your mother. It didn’t come from your father. It didn’t come from your friends, your cat, your bat, or your rat. It didn’t come out of a box, nor did it come out of a fox. It was not green, nor eggs, nor ham. Nor….well…you get the idea. This entry, is about one of those traits I have discovered in myself, and need to get to fixin’.
as per usual, the actual meat of the entry starts here...but good on you reading le prologue and allCollapse )as per usual, the actual meat of the entry starts here...but good on you reading le prologue and allCollapse )


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Thu, Apr. 2nd, 2009 12:58 pm


So the awesome thing about having a big old cell phone, is the fact that…..well...it's big.

It’s heavy. It’s a behemoth.  If you get mugged on the street, the pickpocketer will laugh at you, the pickpocketee, and shove it back into yon pocket.  Then, she will pat you on the head and run off laughing.  The pickpocketer is a 17 year old cheerleader in this scenario. 

You will never lose the thing, as you will always know if it is with you.  Hop on a scale.  Go ahead.  Are you 2 pounds lighter?  Guess you left your cellphone on your desk.  Is there a pep in your step?  Your cellphone must be next to your Cup O’ Noodles. Do you have a bad aftertaste in your mouth?  You are chewing on your cellphone. Stop that. 

So as you can see, there are many bonuses to having a big, old cellphone. 

I like to remind myself of this whenever my big, old cellphone vibrates hard enough to rupture my spleen while I am doing important activities.  Two days ago, this important activity was playing Bioshock.  I was trying to find pieces of a big daddy, when an earthquake happened in my pants. 

I paused the game and whipped out my cellphone.  The biceps in my right arm rippled like…rippling ripples.  The daily cell phone weight training was paying off.  I flicked the cellphone open to see something strange: 


Now, this is not the actual number that appeared on my phone.  That would be ridonkulous.  But the number that did appear was a number that I did not know. 

There are few things in this world scarier on your cellphone than a number you don’t know.  Do you answer it?  Do you leave it? Do you hope that said person leaves a message on your voicemail, that you will check 3 weeks later?  What if it’s a family member in trouble?  What if it’s future you, trying to warn you of dangers?  What if it’s one of those Japanese ghost that haunt old cell phones?  Heck I live in Japan! It could be that! 

Luckily for me, I did not have to deal with any of these issues.  As the below the number was an envelope.  Not a for real one ya loon!  An icon of one. 

Now this unveiled some mysteries for me.  The fact that I had an email, not an SMS means that the person who texted me may be unknown, but they have the same cell phone company.  And that company is probably Softbank…why? Because that’s the company I use.  Try to keep up now.  We are getting to the point of this tale. 

So now I know that this bloke…if it’s a bloke….knows me.  And knows I have a Softbank phone most likely…or they would have sent it to my email address.  Strangeness.  I decided that Bioshock would have to wait, and pressed that round button on my phone, in between the “Y!” button to activate a certain company’s browswer and the “picture of an envelope” button used to write an email.  The following message popped up on my screen: 

Hi, Nick!  How are You!

I’m fine.

Today I want to decide it because of each other.  They are the following things.

I claim 500 yen evelytime you are taken my car.

Don’t you angly.I like you!

I hope for the thing that you agree to.

      Sincerely yours,

      Name Omitted. 


what happens next? you know ye want ta know...clicky mcclick hereCollapse )


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Tue, Mar. 17th, 2009 02:35 pm

“Nick…are you tired today?”
I raised my right eyebrow 2 cm which conveyed the “I am perplexed” emotion.  I was actually feeling quite spry.  I let the look linger for long enough for Ms. Shirakawa to understand that I was perplexed. She took note and responded by saying.

“You look tired this morning.”
This time I raised both my eyebrows, which conveyed the “I sure am surprised you think that!” emotion. Before I could counter with a, “Why, I am not tired, I am as fit as a fiddle!”* I put my hand to my face. Instead of feeling as smooth as a seal’s dorsal fin**, it felt as rough as a wild boar’s nosecone.
I had not shaven.

*Wooden and shaped like the lovechild of a giraffe and a Barbie Doll
** Heh heh…you didn’t see that one coming…did ya?

wanna keep reading? sure ya do. click it up mon frereCollapse )

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Wed, Mar. 4th, 2009 05:09 pm


This is How is Starts



“Good morning”


“Good morning.”









I wish I could say that this was a transcript for:


  1. A conversation with a student who is currently getting dental work done.

  2. A conversation with several different students.


But no. I cannot say that. For this was a conversation with a student I wss just introduced to today, who I will lovingly call (Chinpira)チンピラくん.

Can you spot the チンピラ?...if not...then you did not just pick one at random. 




Continue your チンピラ冒険 here!Collapse )

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Mon, Mar. 2nd, 2009 08:57 pm

Random Thought.............


Phrase Nick hates in 3......2.....1....


People change.


It's obvious....one of those things that need not to be said. But the fact remains that it is true. People do change.


For me....living in Japan...it's odd to see people change when they live thousands of miles away. Surreal doesn't really even begin to describe the feeling really. Not even sure there is a verb to describe it....gonna have to make one up....Facebookization.


....lemme expound on that.


So in olden times, you move across the ocean, away from classmates, family, and friends. And unless you call those peeps...they change. You can hear it sometimes in their voice...but you cannot see it. And then, 10 years later, you go to the high school reunion and learn that Sally Q. ended up marrying Burt Reynolds.


Or you are in the grocery store, checking the ripeness of watermelons (note: this is not done by drop kicking them across the veg aisle. Learn from my mistakes!) and you run into James to find out that the once musclebound, jock guy who gave you noogies is now....a woman. Who goes by Jammette.


And you see those changes and you respond with a , “wow! Well whaddya know...that person changed!” and that's kinda it. Maybe you remark about it to some friends or family...and then in a week you forget about it.


That was several years ago.


Now, with Facebook...it is easier to keep in touch with family and friends....sure...but it's a bit more than that.


You see the changes. Lemme expound a bit more.


Say you run into Sally Q., and learn that she is getting married after not seeing her for a couple of years! Big news, right? But your brain processes it and you go about your business. Now with Facebook/Myspace/Yourspace/whateveryourareusing, you


*see that she is engaged

*see that she has started shopping for a new dress

*see that her best man/bridesmaid is James/Jammette

*see that the guy she is getting married to...is your 3rd cousin thrice removed

*see that as time approaches the wedding, pictures of her look different

*see an announcement 3 days before the wedding that she is expectinga bouncy baby boy

*see that during the wedding photos, she went into labor, causing the camera man to fall over. She gave birth to a girl


*see that 3 years later, she has divorced Burt Reynolds, and is now dating the bestman/bridesmaid...Jammette

You see what I am talking about? Is it not odd to witness...in not real time..but in close to realtime..people you know...but may never meet again in person...changing? To see them changing? Their beliefs, appearances, tastes, locale, EVERYTHING....it changes.


Well...it's a bit weird for me at least. Especially being in Japan, where most of my friends still know as, “That crazy place that has robot ninjas and underwear vending machines”(one of those is true...) and my family know as, “the place with that language that isn't Chinese but it sounds like it to me when you speak it.....”. I see my friends/family being professors, becoming lawyers, in university (cousins), getting married, touring other countries of their own...and it's..it's.....yeah. There is no word to describe it. But it's odd to say the least. Which is to say the most.


And this is why I usually never write about the random things going on in my mind. But, today..you get to see it.


Now if you excuse me I need to go change my pants....INTO PAJAMAS YA LOON! No, I did not have and accident. Sheez.

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